When Money Destroys Nations

– How Hyperinflation Ruined Zimbabwe

– How Ordinary People Survived and

– Warnings for Nations that Print Money

From the Authors of When Money Destroys Nations

Money printing is one of the defining issues of our time Most of the large countries of the world are resorting to vast money printing programs and the effects will be to impoverish most people. Don’t let that be you.

Philip Haslam

How would you respond in hyperinflation?  Our goal has been to make this complex subject easy to understand, with analogy and personal stories. The book answers critical questions in a time of deep global uncertainty.

Russell Lamberti

What others are saying about When Money Destroys Nations

Haslam and Lamberti have produced a fascinating, accessible account of how Zimbabweans actually lived (and died) during the world’s second-highest hyperinflation, one that dwarfed the German hyperinflation of 1922-23. Yes, the peak daily inflation rate in Zimbabwe in November 2008 was 98% — an economic tragedy that Haslam and Lamberti skillfully bring to life.

Prof. Steve H. Hanke

Director of the Troubled Currencies Project, Cato Institute

The simplicity, clarity, and great use of metaphors in this book make When Money Destroys Nations a warning for the rest of the world. It makes me ask: ‘Will the U.S. be next?

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki, Educator, Entrepreneur, Investor & Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

To understand the future you must first understand the past. Haslam and Lamberti have done a great job at documenting the Zimbabwean hyperinflation in an easily readable manner. Even if you haven’t studied economics or central banking, you’ll be able to understand what happens when countries print money and why hyperinflation is coming to countries across the world, including the US dollar.

Jeff Berwick

CEO and founder of The Dollar Vigilante

Summary of When Money Destroys Nations

In their book, When Money Destroys Nations, Philip Haslam and Russell Lamberti tell the fascinating story of Zimbabwe’s economic turmoil and how ordinary people survived. In late 2008 the Zimbabwe dollar collapsed after eleven years of unrestrained money printing. Hyperinflation had blazed out of control, turning lives upside down as soaring prices destroyed the once prosperous economy. This book reveals the ominous parallels between Zimbabwe and countries around the world that are printing money to fund their debts. Could these nations follow in Zimbabwe’s footsteps? Read this book to find out.